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by Families First Health & Support Center

What is Big Blue?

Big Blue is a health care van used by mobile health care teams from Families First to deliver medical, dental, social work and counseling services to people experiencing homelessness. This program removes barriers that homeless people often face by meeting them where they are and delivering services at no cost and with no appointment needed.


The teams visit shelters, soup kitchens and other sites in Portsmouth, Rochester, Dover, Hampton and Exeter, New Hampshire.

Why Do We Need Your Help?

Big Blue looks beautiful on the outside. But like many of the people who come to her, she is broken on the inside. Mechanics tell us she does not have much time left. We need to raise $270,000 over the next six months to replace and equip Big Blue.


We created the "Believe in the New Big Blue" video* and this WeDidIt page with the goal of raising at least $25,000 of the total needed by January 5, 2014. We’re counting on people like you and your friends to donate and spread the word!

Big Blue Brings Hope

“You will never be talked down to. You will never feel humiliated. You will be made to feel like you have an American Express Gold Card as your health care.” ­– John


“How can you beat a dentist who can pull your teeth out without you even feeling anything? He did that, and I got fitted for dentures and they helped me figure out funding. And then I went through the medical program part of it, and they were amazing. I found out I am diabetic, which I didn’t know.” ­– Carol


John and Carol are two of the thousands of homeless people who have benefited from Families First’s Mobile Health Care for the Homeless program since 2003. Please watch the video to hear John and Carol tell their stories.


If you believe in a healthier community ­– one where lack of money, insurance or a home are not barriers to good health ­– then, please, Believe in the New Big Blue.

How You Can Help

  • Donate by clicking the green Donate to this Campaign button to the right of the video. (If you would rather send a check, please send it to: Big Blue Campaign, Families First, 100 Campus Drive, Suite 12, Portsmouth, NH 03801.)
  • Like Families First on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter, then Like and Share our posts about Big Blue.



* Families First thanks our volunteer producer/director, Bill Humphreys, for creating the "Believe in the New Big Blue" video.